Clinics and Services and Bollington Medical Centre


Family Planning  

Maternity Care- shared with the Midwifery Team 

Immunisation- Child, Adult, Travel 

Blood Pressure Clinics 

Diabetes Clinic 

HRT follow up clinic 

Blood Test Clinic 

Minor Operations 

Coronary Heart Disease Prevention 

Child Development Clinic 

Weight Reducing Clinic 


Asthma Clinic 

Smear Tests



Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease Clinic  

Child Health Surveillance 

Smoking Cessation 

Lifestyle Advice 

New Patient/Well woman and well man screening

Long Term conditions - We deal with these problems in our normal surgeries, but you may be invited to attend a clinic.


Long Term Conditions


We operate a service to help people with more than one Long term medical condition to have all their issues dealt with at one clinic. If this applies to you, you will receive an invitation in due course.




Make sure that you and your family get your full course of immunisations including boosters. If you think you may have missed any tell the nurse. Some travel vaccinations are available from the practice nurse. 

School Health offers BCG and Diptheria, tetanus and polio for school leavers.

Tetanus and polio boosters: -

Occasionally throughout life, (10 yearly). If you have had 5 tetanus injections in your life, you do not need any more. 

We offer flu vaccinations in early autumn for those at risk and we invite these patients to attend walk in clinics. 

Pneumococcal vaccination is offered for over 65’s and at risk groups.

Women’s Health

We offer services for: 
Family Planning 
Cervical Smears Screening 
Self Examination of Breasts