How we manage Diabetes

At Bollington Medical Centre we offer health checks to all our patients between the ages of 40-75 every five years, as part of a government initiative. This check includes a simple check for glucose tolerance, which if raised will lead to further blood tests by a nurse to check for impaired glucose tolerance, which can be an indicator of a risk of diabetes. We offer annual checks to people who fall into this category, to monitor and advise on what they should be doing to keep healthy.

If a patient with impaired glucose tolerance develops diabetes they are put on our diabetic register. At this stage the patient will be referred to a dietican who can advise them on diet and to the retinopathy service, who will look after their eyes. We will then monitor them regularly in our in-house diabetic clinic.
We offer diabetes clinic appointments weekly on Mondays and Thursdays at the practice. Most patients are seen by our healthcare assistant first for blood tests, blood pressure, foot and weight checks and then our specialist diabetes nurse for advice and medication where appropriate.  If necessary some patients are also seen by Dr Losel or our visiting consultant diabetologist Dr Heald. The clinicians will perform all the checks required to ensure that the patient is getting a complete service. We try to ensure that these appointments are sequential, to make the experience more convenient for the patient.
We also refer all newly diagnosed patients to a diabetes education course. This will be a group session delivered by a practice nurse about living with diabetes and how to mange it effectively.