How to get your Test Results

If you registered for EMIS Patient Access you will be able to view your test results online.  
You can also receive blood test results over the telephone or by letter.  To receive a call back from one of our secretaries please contact reception and they will arrange this. Telephone appointments with our medical secretaries are offered between 1 and 3pm daily.  Please note that it will not always be possible for the secretary to ring you on the same day.
Below is a guide to how long you can expect to wait for different types of test results:

Blood results: 1 week
X-ray results: 2-3 weeks
Ultrasound results: 2-3 weeks
Echocardiograms: 4 weeks
Urine results: 48 hours
Faeces results: 3-5 days
MRI: 2-3 weeks